The ORION JUMBO screen


The ORION JUMBO screen is a top-of-the-range motor-driven projection screen, offering a full screen image format.
It can deal with all your projects, with an image base up to 5 metres wide.
Available in different versions (Jumbo PRO, HC and Tensioned) and in different formats (square, 4:3 and 16:10), it is equipped with a silent motor.

Main characteristics:

  • Rectangular housing for easy integration
  • In raised position, the housing is completely closed by the weight bar
  • Matt white projection surface with M1 fire resistance for the PRO version
  • For the HC and Tensioned versions, matt white ‘black out’ projection surface and black borders
  • The tab-tensioned version of the Orion Jumbo is equipped with two tensioners so that the projection surface stays flat whatever the screen’s environment.

This projection screen is entirely custom-made, with customisable fabrics, housings, formats, brackets, etc.

Its advantages

  • Full-screen image format
  • Attractive finish
  • Reliability


The ORION JUMBO screen is equally suitable for professional or personal use. It’s for anybody who wants an attractive screen that is easy to integrate.

We offer you a complete range of motor-driven screens, designed to reduce their environmental impact and to improve their recyclability.

See the product data sheet for the ORION JUMBO PRO screen
See the product data sheet for the ORION JUMBO HC screen
See the product data sheet for the ORION JUMBO Tensioned screen

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