An audio-visual installation by Votre Cinéma


Votre Cinema is a company that specialises in the creation of private cinema installations. It has been an ORAY partner for many years.

We’ve already shown you one of their designs, that you can (re)discover by following this link.
Are you ready to see the show again, with a second installation?

The place

The Votre Cinéma team created this 46m2 private cinema installation in Cannes.


This particularly modern installation reverses the colour code of traditional cinemas.

The entire floor is covered in pure wool carpeting in taupe.

The nine twin-motor ORAY Travelling seats are in two rows, both of which are curved. Basically, the armrests are slightly tapered, making it possible to create a curve across the width of the row. This rounded design makes it possible for the viewer to be perfectly aligned with the screen.

The motorised backrests and footrests of these seats are separately adjustable. To ensure support for the neck, the headrest is also manually adjustable, which is perfect for putting it in exactly the position required by each viewer!

Their CMHR high-resilience M18 fireproof foam, topped with a quilted layer, ensures unbeatable yielding comfort.

Création Votre Cinéma avec fauteuils Travelling ORAY

The seats are equipped with a unique system of vibrators beneath each foot in the row.

The vibrators are set to go into action every time there is an explosion, gunfire or monster of any kind…

All of a sudden, your movie-watching will take on a whole new dimension. You really have the impression that the whole building is shaking – as if you were there!

Sit back comfortably in one of the nine places of this top-of-the-range installation and enjoy a 4K Laser ultra HD picture, THX Dolby Atmos sound and a unique vibratory technology. All that plus modern decor, enhanced by panels of textured aluminium and wall-mounted light fittings.

To find out more about the equipment and details of this installation, we invite you to contact our partner Votre Cinéma direct.

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