The Unique know-how of Votre Cinéma


Here is a recent installation of a private cinema/ movie theater, extending to 42m2, in a chalet in Gstaad, Switzerland. It’s particularly welcoming, and equipped with the latest technology!

The Votre Cinéma brand

Thanks to its unique know-how, the Votre Cinéma team has guided clients through hundreds of home cinema projects in France and intertionally.

It’s a go-yo contractor in the design and implementation of private home cinema installations.

The installation we’re going to present will show you what we mean!

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The details of this audio-visual installation

Installation en Suisse Votre Cinéma- Fauteuils Travelling
Realization Your Cinema – Traveling Armchairs

The magnificent Oray Travelling seats, fitted with twin motors, let the viewer recline the backrest and adjust the footrest separately. The headrest is also manually adjustable, for optimal comfort. Added to that is CMHR high-resilience M18 fireproof foam, for an all-round, ultra-comfortable welcome.

From the wide range of fabrics and leathers offered by Oray, Votre Cinéma opted for a finish in very smart black alcantara-type fabric, which gives this private home cinema an unbeatable elegance.

The cherry on the cake: Each seat is equipped with a D-BOX system with four actuators to move and vibrate the seats in perfect sync with the film.

Each seat can move in three directions (Forward/Backward, Right/Left and Up/Down).
For sensations that are simply stunning!

To go further with this, see the short explanatory video. ⤵

We end this presentation with some aesthetic aspects: The acoustic walls are covered in a black Ferrari cloth, and the red carpet is in pure wool. The decorative panels in aged oak are enhanced by modern wall-mounted light fittings, not to mention the client’s favourite film posters.
The overall effect is complemented by a black acoustic suspended ceiling, glinting with hundreds of stars.

💡 For full details of the breath-taking audio and video aspects of this installation, as well as many other creations of Votre Cinéma, see this page!

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