The power to become invisible upon request


One of our various ranges of screens is the ORION in-ceiling range. The advantage of these screens is that they disappear completely from view.

Essentially, this all-in-one solution allows recessed installation, flush with the ceiling, so that when the screen is retracted it blends completely with the decor!
The screen is visible only when you want to use it.
A practical but above all aesthetically pleasing solution, as demonstrated by this installation by our partner Addex.

The installation

We’ll start with a quick introduction to Addex, our implementation partner for audiovisual solutions:

Since 1983, Addex has been providing innovative and effective audiovisual solutions for collaborative spaces, conference halls, videoconferencing, co-working hubs, dynamic signage and much more.

For the needs of one client in the Paris region, the Addex company contacted us for a motor-driven screen to go with projections from a laser video projector with Ultra Wide Angle optics.

Two main characteristics were identified for the choice of the projection screen:
1) Near-invisible suspended ceiling fitting.
2) A screen for ultra-short focal length projection.

The ORION in-ceiling tensioned screen was just right for this application!

ORION faux-plafond tensionné ouvert
ORION in-ceiling tensioned screen open
ORION faux-plafond tensionné fermé
ORION in-ceiling tensioned screen closed

The place

This audiovisual installation was carried out at the premises of a business in the prestigious 8th arrondissement of Paris. The equipment was installed in the cafe-lounge of this organisation, for presentations and TV channels using ClickShare wireless technology.

The ORAY product for this audiovisual installation

The tab-tensioned in-ceiling ORION is an electric screen that we recommend for short and ultra-short focal length projection.
Thanks to its two lateral cables, the screen remains perfectly flat regardless of the layout of its environment.
Available with an image base* up to 5 metres wide, this screen can be supplied with an optional remote control, and other colourways can be applied to the housing, which otherwise comes in white.
That was done for this installation, which you can see has a black housing.
A black extra drop is added for 16:9 and 16:10 formats.

See the product sheet for the tab-tensioned ORION in-ceiling screen.

Installation audiovisuelle café lounge
*Other special sizes and made-to-measure projection surface.

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