The MINISCREEN projection screen: Specially developed for pico projectors


We have a range of portable screens in our catalogue, and here is the MINISCREEN projection screen!
We carefully developed this screen to match the audio-visual requirements of pico projectors.

The pico projector, a pocket-sized device!

Pico projectors are miniaturised video projectors – the lightest ones weigh only a few grammes.
They are small enough to hold in one hand, which makes them easy to transport.

They are good for personal use (cinema sessions or video game parties) and professional use (for presentations, for example).

MINISCREEN, the screen that is 100% suited for use with pico projectors

To go hand in hand with this mobile projection system, we’ve developed the MINISCREEN portable projection screen.


The casing is engineered from black-anodised aluminium profile to combine lightness with finish quality.
The screen is tensioned with a strut that slides out of the back of the screen casing.

Details of the MINISCREEN projection screen
Details of the MINISCREEN projection screen


It takes only a few seconds to set up. Just put it on a table, unroll it and you’re ready to go. Here’s a demonstration – blink and you’ve missed it!


The MINISCREEN is the ideal partner for many professionals.

This screen can go anywhere you do. It lets you deliver presentations anywhere and anytime! That makes it a real asset for sales forces, sales representatives and anybody on the move.
This screen is also good for private individuals who like to spend time with friends or family!



Designed specifically for pico projectors.
Very light (only 2.5kg!) and very simple to deploy (you can put up a MINISCREEN in just a few seconds!), it lets you project a high quality image in all circumstances.
What more could you ask for?

Download the product specification.

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