The Les Gens du Son showroom


Since the start of November 2021, the LGDS company (our partner Les Gens du Son), which designs and implements professional audio solutions, has had a private cinema / movie theater which also does duty as its demo room in the département of Essonne. Discover more about Les Gens du Son showroom in this article.

Located at Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois (91700), this Les Gens du Son showroom displays, and makes available for future purchasers, some products from the ORAY range.

Visitors can test Travelling seats.
The examples on display have fabric upholstery and offer various options:

  • The 4+ pack: This has a back-lit controller with backrest movement limiter, occupancy sensor with automatic shutdown, safety footrest and USB port.

  • A very practical cup holder for your drink or popcorn!

Facing the seats, which are made to measure in our French workshop, is a Cadre HC screen that can also be manufactured to your specifications with an image base up to 6 metres wide.
It is fitted with a projection surface in microperf’ORAY perforated fabric. This is acoustically transparent, making it an essential for dedicated spaces where, thanks to its invisible perforations, the speakers can be placed behind the screen for a guaranteed movie theater effect.

Salle de cinéma LGDS avec fauteuils Travelling et écran de projection
Salle de cinéma LGDS avec fauteuils Travelling et écran de projection
Les Gens du Son showroom

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