The CINEFRAME UST-ALR screen: Your partner for ultra-short throw projection


Amongst our new lines this year, we present the CINEFRAME UST-ALR fixed screen!
This screen is designed to respond to the constraints of ultra-short throw projection.

Ultra-short throw projection, for big images in small spaces!

The various focal lengths Ultra-short, short and long focal length.

Ultra-short throw projection is defined by its very low projection ratio.
This means that video projectors with ultra-short throw practically touch the screen.

This type of projection makes it possible to simplify the installation. There’s no video projector, and therefore no cabling, in the middle of the room.

LThe CINEFRAME UST-ALR screen: perfectly suited for ultra-short throw

So you can benefit from this projection ratio, we offer the CINEFRAME UST-ALR fixed-frame projection screen.

What’s included

Its 1cm black frame is discreet, as is the very compact wall attachment.
The grey projection surface, intended for UST (ultra-short throw) projections and ALR (ambient light rejection) is kept perfectly taut by spring tensioners.

CINEFRAME UST-ALR frame screen details


The projection surface with its directional structures sends only the light from the video projector towards the viewer and rejects all ambient light.
This system makes it possible to have greater contrast in the projected image.



The CINEFRAME UST-ALR is primarily for video projections.
It makes it possible to have big images with only a small distance between the projector and the screen, and to have better projection quality despite any extraneous light there may be.
Its grey colour, which ensures intense blacks, partly alters whites. This surface is not appropriate for projecting data, and is therefore aimed primarily at private users.


It is designed for ultra-short throw projection.
A very practical item, it makes it possible to have a bright image in a room which is not completely dark.

See the data sheet for this product

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