The choice of upholstery and trims for ORAY seats


What movie-lover has not dreamed of having a room in his or her home dedicated to the Seventh Art, or simply of enjoying that « at the cinema » feeling in a domestic environment?

Oray Projection Systems can make this a reality, because we don’t just manufacture projection screens and audio-visual accessories; we also design and distribute Home Cinema seating that’s made the traditional way with the know-how of Variation-Everstyl, part of the ORAY group based in the Burgundy region of France.

Illustration Le choix des boiseries et des revêtements des fauteuils ORAY (1)

At its premises in the département of Saône-et-Loire, where it has been established for more than 20 years, Variation-Everstyl designs and manufactures Home Cinema seats at the cutting edge of technology, to provide users with real well-being.

The entire manufacturing process takes place in-house, from cabinet-making to assembly, and from cutting out to upholstery. You can be sure of both innovation and quality!

Opt for a seat that suits you perfectly!

By working together, we have been able to develop Home Cinema seats, proudly made in France, that will ensure you enjoy comfort and an immersive experience equal to those of the finest cinemas (movie theaters).

Fabriqué en France - Made in France

To complete your order, we offer a choice of materials and trims for your seating, with options to personalise it with a wide range of high-quality upholstery and trim.

The result? You get unique Home Cinema seating that meets all your expectations and harmonises with your lifestyle and interior decorating (or those of your clients).

The various options for materials and trim

There’s a great range of choices for personalising your product.

You can select the leather, the fabric, the wood and the bases* that will make your seat an exceptional product.

There are hundreds of possible combinations.

We can also work with your own fabrics or leathers to give a 100% match with your projects.

Our leathers Deep tints, sensual touch, a range of colours, strength and durability … leather gives a matchless feeling of quality to your seat.

Illustration Le choix des boiseries et des revêtements des fauteuils ORAY (2)

Leather is a natural material, easy to maintain. It acquires a unique patina over time as its full beauty and longevity emerge.

Our leather is cowhide of European origin. It’s dye-tinted for a granular or smooth finish, using semi-aniline or pure aniline dye.
Leather thickness varies from 1.2mm to 1.6mm.

We have selected three types of leather for you:

  • Atlas Leather. A faultless finish and excellent durability make it the practical choice.
  • Select Leather. A very wide range of colours, with hides selected for their suppleness and handling.
  • Prestige Leather. Very high quality hides with an ultra-fine natural grain. A leader in its class. This is leather with an irresistible feel.

Our fabrics

We offer dozens of fabrics and colours!

Our fabrics meet demanding criteria and give outstanding durability. And you can express your personal tastes by coordinating several fabrics.

Fabrics are rated for wear resistance using the « Martindale rub test ». The higher the Martindale number, the more durable the fabric. We only use fabric with high wear resistance (more than 20,000 abrasion cycles) so your upholstery stays impeccable as the years go by.

For example, the RADAR range is a microfibre in 100% polyester and an abrasion resistance of >40,000 Martindale

We can also offer custom colours using fabrics from outside our collection. If you don’t find the exact colour you’re looking for, tell us what you want. It may be that a small extension to manufacturing time is required.

The wood

By rigorous selection of wood for its origin and quality, we can bring you all the sensuality of a high-quality material, combined with the aesthetic pleasure of a natural product.

Our wood components are made from solid beech, woodstained and polyurethane-coated according to your taste. Beech wood has a uniform structure and is very durable. Various finishes are available: Natural, cherrywood, mahogany, oak and wenge.

Other finishes are also available: Antique sheen and white, cream or grey sheen.

The wood used in the creation of our seats comes from our own part of the world, from forests that are sustainable managed. Optimising the carbon footprint of our products is part of our commitment to corporate citizenship.

Bases and legs

You can select a model with a single swivelling central foot (and the option of inset seat material), or 4 legs made of stainless steel or wood. Wood can be supplied either woodstained and polyurethane-coated or with a matt finish.

Below, you will find the amazing choice available to you, in terms of both colours and materials.

Boiseries et des revêtements des fauteuils ORAY

Good to know: You can also personalise HC ORAY seats with a large range of accessories. If you add them to optimise the comfort of your seating (protective covers, cushions, throws, etc) they can be produced in colourways that match the seat or coordinate with it.

These little details really make you appreciate the build quality of your seats!

Dive right into the action, in spectacular comfort, with our range of Home Cinema seating specifically designed for your audio-visual leisure and pleasure!

*Depending on the model of your seats

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