With the STAR-BASE STYLE screen, enjoy the most robust tripod screen on the market! Discover the STAR-BASE STYLE screen on […]

Domaine de BAYSSAN

Installation at the Domaine de Bayssan

The installation With the expertise of teams from BC CAIRE, an audio-visual facility was installed at the Domaine de Bayssan. […]

Les Brèves - Episode 2

« Les Brèves » – Episode 2

Here’s the second episode of our newsletter « Les Brèves »! In this new video, we explain everything about one of our […]

Easter game - ORAY

Easter game

It’s Easter! For this occasion, we have prepared a game for young and old alike 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Ready to search for the […]

FLY DUO screen Putting it up, taking it down

FLY DUO screen: Putting it up, taking it down

The FLY DUO is a portable projection screen with a reversible fabric that gives the option of either 4:3 or […]

All about pico projectors

All about pico projectors

What is a pico projector? A pico projector, also known as a handheld projector, pocket projector, mobile projector or mini […]