Une salle audiovisuelle signée Votre Cinéma

An audio-visual installation by Votre Cinéma

Votre Cinema is a company that specialises in the creation of private cinema installations. It has been an ORAY partner for […]

Installation en Suisse Votre Cinéma- Fauteuils Travelling

The Unique know-how of Votre Cinéma

Here is a recent installation of a private cinema/ movie theater, extending to 42m2, in a chalet in Gstaad, Switzerland. […]

Le showroom DELAUDIO

ORAY seating in the DELAUDIO showroom

So as to give their clients an immersive experience, and to present their products, some of our partners have showrooms. […]

Salle cinéma privée COUDERT avec fauteuils POP

An exceptional cinema environment

We’d like to share with you a superb audiovisual installation created by the COUDERT company. About COUDERT With more than […]

The choice of upholstery and trims for ORAY seats

The choice of upholstery and trims for ORAY seats

What movie-lover has not dreamed of having a room in his or her home dedicated to the Seventh Art, or […]

ORAY's 2020 catalogues

ORAY’s 2020 catalogues

Our new catalogues are here Download them to find out what’s new for 2020!