Seats with D-BOX: An immersive experience


We gave you advance notice of them at ISE 2020. ORAY home cinema seats fitted with the D-BOX immersive experience are now in our catalogue!

Don’t watch your movies – live them!

ORAY now offers turnkey solutions for motion chairs, thanks to a privileged partnership with D-BOX, pioneer and global leader in cinematic motion.

By combining its prestigious home cinema seats with D-BOX’s cutting-edge technology, ORAY is able to provide its clients with a unique cinematic experience.

Fauteuils ORAY avec D-BOX

How HC seats equipped with the D-BOX system work

DBOX - Oray Projection Systems
HEMC™ box

Thanks to the motion controller (the HEMC™ box), viewers can enjoy the most amazing and realistic cinematic motion, with any media that contains D-BOX motion codes.

Whatever the source of the content (DVD, Blu-Ray™ or streaming sources such as Netflix™, Hulu™ or AppleTV™) the HEMC controller recognises and transmits the motion codes to the seats.

Put simply, the seat moves in tandem with the movie sequence being viewed, to give the viewer a totally immersive experience and a feeling of presence like never before!

ORAY’s expertise

ORAY has developed a specific ultra-rigid sub-frame in steel so that the movement of the actuators is transmitted 100% effect to its home cinema seats. At the same time, this guarantees unbeatable strength and quality.

DBOX - Explications verrins -ORAY Projection Systems

This lets ORAY offer you a unique experience of triaxial motion.

DBOX -ORAY Projection Systems

The 3 axes :

  • up/down
  • left/right tilt
  • front/rear tilt

The ranges of seats compatible with D-BOX

The twin-motor models in the ZOOM and TRAVELLING ranges can be fitted with the D-BOX system.
Several configurations are possible, seating up to 3 viewers.
Maximum load : Up to 120 kg per seat.

Fauteuils ZOOM cuir
ZOOM armchair

In perfect harmony with the sound and the images on the screen, D-BOX’s motion solutions can now be included in all home cinema installations for a hyper-real and totally exceptional immersive experience!

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