Perforated fabrics


ORAY’s large range of projection surfaces includes, for some products, processing to give enhanced acoustic properties.

Acoustic fabric has perforations that are invisible while a projection is going on but let sound pass freely through the fabric.
Just like at the cinema (movie theater), the loudspeakers are located behind the perforated projection surface. This allows the sound to come from the image, with excellent acoustic transparency.

Toile de projection BLANC MAT TRANSONORE
MATT WHITE TRANSONORE projection fabric

TRANSONORE perforated fabric

Designed specifically for use where the viewer is more than 6 metres from the screen, Transonore is recommended for large installations.
With a little over 4 holes per square centimetre, it provides remarkable acoustic performance.

Toile de projection BLANC MAT MICROPERF'ORAY

MICROPERF’ORAY perforated fabric

This is for installations where the viewer is less than 6 metres from the screen. There are 30 holes per square centimetre, ensuring exceptional acoustic transparency even though the holes are much smaller than with Transonore.

➡ All the Transonore and Microperf’Oray surfaces are made from 100% recyclable PVC, and they can be used for our roll-up screens or on fixed frames with custom sizes.

ApplicationsInstallations behind the screen.
Viewers > 6m from the screen.
Installations behind the screen.
Viewers < 6m from the screen.
Maximum dimensionsUnlimited; seams invisible during projectionUnlimited; seams invisible during projection
Diameter of perforation0.9mm0.5mm
No. of holes/cm2430
% perforated4 %6%

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