ORAY seating in the DELAUDIO showroom


So as to give their clients an immersive experience, and to present their products, some of our partners have showrooms.

One of them is DELAUDIO, a business based in Lisbon, Portugal.
The showroom gives DELAUDIO’s clients a more accurate idea of the products on sale, and lets them try them out.


Since 1994 DELAUDIO has distributed noted brands, both in terms of hi-fi and of products specially designed for home cinema.
Its selection criteria demand, amongst other things, high quality and technological excellence. And naturally DELAUDIO supplies products in the ORAY range!

ORAY products displayed in the DELAUDIO showroom

The DELAUDIO business has recently fitted out its exhibition space with three of our models of home cinema seating, all totally customisable.

By featuring ORAY seating ranges in its showroom, DELAUDIO offers its clients the opportunity to appreciate their comfort, quality and elegance.

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