New from ORAY: Inflatable screens


To meet certain specific needs, we have added an entirely new range of screens to our product catalogue: Inflatable screens!

Inflatable audiovisual equipment that’s raring to go!

This year we have already brought you several new product lines, such as the Fly Vert portable ‘green screens’ for chroma key work, and our two new motorised supports for video projectors, with the goal of offering a range that goes ever further to meet the differing needs of our clients.

With this in mind, we now offer inflatable screens . They’re waterproof, they’re airtight and they don’t need a continuous power supply.
Made from a 1100dtex PVC fabric that’s designed for marine applications, they are not only airtight, they have marine fittings (attachment points, inflation and dump valves, carrying handles, stainless D-rings for guylines / bracing, hauling line).

With their airtight inflation technology, these screens appeal as much for the quality of their construction as for their many indoor and outdoor applications.

Four image dimensions are available for this range:

•          280 x 490 cm
•          390 x 700 cm
•          620 x 1100 cm
•          790 x 1400 cm

Ecrans gonflables - ORAY
The various sizes of inflatable screen

What is included

These new projection screens have various elements, allowing for fast and easy deployment:

  • An inflatable frame
  • A front projection screen
  • An inflator/deflator
  • The packing/carrying bag
  • The repair kit
  • Hauling / guying strap

How they work

As mentioned above, setup is a very quick affair, using an inflator/deflator.
Depending on the size of the screen, inflation/deflation takes between 10 and 25 minutes.


Especially for events and more generally for all kinds of temporary installations, they are used just as much indoors as outdoors.
They are unaffected by wet weather, thanks to their waterproof fabric.
These screens are the equipment of choice for all short-duration events (open air cinemas, drive-ins, audiovisual replays, festivals, etc).


These inflatable screens have many benefits.
Here are the main ones:

  • No external power source required; ecologically responsible, with no continuous consumption of electricity.
  • Airtight, so there’s no need for constant topping-up, and thus absolutely no noise nuisance, plus energy economy.
  • Wide range of uses: Drive-ins, film and short film festivals, open-air cinemas, sports replays, conferences, concerts, etc.
  • 4 different sizes, for outdoor projections for anything from 100 to 2000 people, or up to 200 cars.
  • Simple, fast installation and takedown (inflation and deflation).
  • Easy storage and transport (each screen has a pallet or trolley and a suitable bag)
  • High quality frame for long-lasting professional use.
  • Designed for optimum support thanks to their suspension struts and an inflation pressure that gives the same rigidity as an inflatable boat.

These screens have got what it takes, both for their adaptability and for their many benefits 😉

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