Installation at the Domaine de Bayssan


The installation

With the expertise of teams from BC CAIRE, an audio-visual facility was installed at the Domaine de Bayssan.

BC CAIRE makes stage equipment.

Founded in 1964, this business specialises in the design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of stage equipment, machinery and controls at all scales, in France and abroad.

They chose ORAY as their trusted partner to design and custom-build the dedicated screen for the new stage development described below.

The site

As mentioned above, this audiovisual installation was carried out at the 400-acre Domaine de Bayssan.

It’s a cultural space near Béziers that hosts many artistic programmes: Music, theatre, circus, dance, cinema and fine arts, as well as festivals and public events.

During 2020, new facilities were opened on this immense site: A 450-seat theatre; a 1000-seat amphitheatre or outdoor stage; accommodation for artists in residence; and the Mediterranean Gardens.

But these will not be the final buildings to enhance this ‘domaine’!

In fact, an immense new project is already under way.
A mega-complex (350 acres!) dedicated to the cinema and to video games will open its doors in 2024. It will be the first of its kind in Europe, and this project is being constructed in France, in the Hérault region. How about that!

The ORAY product in this audio-visual project

To meet the needs of this installation, BC CAIRE asked us to fabricate a No Limit motor-driven screen with Transonore acoustic projection fabric, 17 metres wide by 7 metres high.

This entirely custom-made screen is operated by two matched remote controls for optimum usability.

Domaine de bayssan - écran de projection No Limit
No Limit screen

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