How do you put up and take down your Dragonfly portable screen?


Continuing our series of tutorials: In this new video, we give a step-by-step demo of putting up and taking down the Dragonfly portable screen. It’s the largest screen on the market to open out sideways. This feature, combined with a pantograph support system, gives it multiformat performance to meet all your projection requirements. The innovative sideways deployment also makes it possible to have a large screen which rolls lengthwise, and that means less bulk.

00:00​​ = Putting up the Dragonfly screen
02:01​​ = Taking down the Dragonfly screen

Product specification:

  • Weight 10kg
  • Image formats 4:3, 16:10 and 16:9
  • New generation multiformat screen
  • Pantograph system
  • Opens horizontally
  • Supplied with a reinforced carry bag
  • 4 legs for high stability
  • Less bulk

Key benefits:

  • Compact
  • The largest sideways-opening screen on the market
  • System with horizontal pantograph

Download the product sheet.

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