How do you put up and take down the MiniScreen portable screen?


Great news!

Because a video explanation is better than a simple leaflet, and because we want to reinforce our advice and explanations with information and demonstrations that are accessible to anybody, anywhere, we’ve launched a series of tutorials to help you get the best from our projection screens.

All these tutorials will be on our YouTube channel at Oray Projection Systems as well as being shared on a various social media networks.

The title of the first video says it all!

We’re going to see how to put up and take down the MiniScreen Portable Screen.

This projection screen is ultra light, very simple to operate and specially developed for pico projectors (sometimes called pocket projectors or mini beamers).
It’s a very practical screen. Just put it on a table, and you can make your presentations to a large audience in all situations.

Product specification

  • Weight 2kg
  • Image format 4:3
  • Opens in seconds
  • Screen is tensioned with a strut

Key benefits

  • Portable
  • Ultra-light
  • Robust
  • Finish quality
  • Fast setup

Download the product sheet

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