Flight-case projection screens


Flight-case screens

Flight-case screens are projection screens which can easily be rolled up and carried around in their flight case.
Very simple to put up, they are perfect for professionals who work with portable projection equipment, who are often on the move and who would like to be able to transport – easily – a projection system of quality.

Flight-case projection screens are available in image formats of 16:10, 4:3 and 16:9 (depending on the model).


Flight-case screens are ideal for temporary installations.

  • All your public events
  • Rental
  • Audio-visual services

Supplied with

Valise seule Nommaddict 1 ORAY Projection Systems
  • A flight case
  • One or two projection surfaces
  • A supporting structure with legs


The projection surface attaches to an aluminium frame with snap buttons (poppers).
This ensures that the fabric is taut.
Setup is easy because of the clipped hinges on the frame.

These projection screens are delivered in a flight case for transport.
The flight case is robust, very light and equipped with wheels.
Once the screen has been taken down, it simply lives in its transportable case.


  • Projection surface tensioned with snap buttons (poppers)
  • Simple to set up / take down
  • Gives large images
  • Easy to move from one place to another
  • Sturdy

Our flight-case screens

There are two ORAY models in this range of screens. The projection surface can have either black or white borders.

The NOMADDICT 1 flight-case screen
It’s perfect for most temporary installations.
Download the product sheet.

The NOMADDICT 2 flight-case screen
For greater rigidity, the frame section is twice as large as that of the Nomaddict 1.
It comes in two foldable nesting parts, making it possible to offer very large screen sizes.
Download the product sheet.

Good to know!

The screen fabrics can also be supplied separately, in a protective carry bag.

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