Curved screens: Applications and advantages


When we talk about projection screens, there’s a natural tendency to think of screens with standard 4:3 or 16:9 formats.
However, that leaves out the screens intended for installation in special configurations, especially curved screens – which I will now unveil for you!

So what are curved screens?

These screens have a modular aluminium or steel frame that is specially designed for rapid installation on site.

Any structure of a special shape will necessarily be custom made, and these projection screens can be manufactured to precise specifications for any and all projects.

Curved screens have many applications:

  • Communications and event management (simulators, exhibitions, etc)
  • Architecture, particular buildings and private installations (curved screens can be integrated perfectly with the curves of facades and walls)
  • Cinemas / movie theaters (for both traditional and 360° cinema setups)
  • Museums and art galleries
  • A boardroom, auditorium or show room
  • Theme parks

Apart from their particular configuration, curved screens potentially have several other advantages depending on the way they are set up:

  • More immersive
  • Identical viewing quality wherever the viewer is sitting
  • Panoramic effects
  • Aesthetics
  • Fewer reflections

The ‘curve-able’ projection screens in our catalogues

Our range of fixed-frame screens contains several that can be curved to meet all requirements:

  • The CINEVISION 1 projection screen
    Can be put up or taken down as required! Some degree of curvature is possible,
  • The CADRE HC projection screen
    Chic and elegant! Can be curved as much required.
  • The SPECIAL VIDEO projection screen
    Discreet lines. Can be curved as much as required.
  • Custom frames
    We manufacture screens that are spherical, conical, circular, etc, in all sizes.

Available for mounting on a wall or for suspended mounting.

We also offer various options depending on the screen, for example custom-made brackets to your specifications, legs, etc.

When requesting a quote relating to your need for custom-made curved screens, don’t forget to give us this information:

  • Type of projection surface
  • Image format
  • Method of mounting
  • Any details about the installation that might require a modification to the standard product

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