An exceptional cinema environment


We’d like to share with you a superb audiovisual installation created by the COUDERT company.


With more than 50 years of know-how, our partner is a real institution in Nice, putting its professionalism to work for every installation – as this creation bears witness.
Bringing passion to its work of creating private movie theaters, COUDERT works with its clients every step of the way.
With a 160m² showroom dedicated to sound and image, and a design office that works closely with a stylist, you can be sure that Coudert will bring high quality and demanding standards to your project.


The ORAY product line in this home cinema installation

Our partner installed this incredible private movie theater in a private villa.

This dedicated space, with its modern appeal, is furnished with rows of POP seating. This range of home cinema seats combines comfort and technology in a design that recalls the verve and brio of the 60s.

Salle cinéma privée COUDERT avec fauteuils POP

The advantages of POP seating

  •  Manually adjustable headrest
  •  Simultaneous recline and footrest operation
  •  ‘Zero wall’ opening system allowing a reduced footprint
  •  Many available options for personalisation

Photo gallery of the private movie theater

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