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Since 1947, we’ve been turning even the most ambitious projects into reality for our clients.

Under the direction of Eric Cantarel, ORAY is the #1 company for projection screens in France, and an international leader in the field.

ORAY is based at Dourdan in the south-west of the Paris metropolitan area, where fifty employees design, manufacture and market:

– Projection screens
– Projection surfaces
– Accessories
– Seats

With a presence in fifty countries, the ORAY company is active on many fronts, from cinema to teaching, from convention centres to home cinema, and from business to simulators. Our range is one of the most comprehensive in the world and can be used for all forms of projection and back projection.

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ORAY’s corporate mission combines three values.

We are a French manufacturer, using our savoir-faire to create products of high quality.
We pay particular attention to the choice of materials, to the way we put them together, and to innovation in the design of our products.

Sustainable development is one of our company’s priorities.
We work in several fields, and we’re always improving our global performance through a three-part initiative that we call eco-socio-design. It’s made up of:
– Getting and giving value for money
– Good corporate citizenship
– Environmental awareness

Our company prides itself on innovation and the development of new products.
In design, technology and application, our company innovates so as to adapt to developments in the marketplace and to the individual needs of each client.

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Our mission

« Supporting our clients in their selection of screens and seats, to ensure that they’re completely satisfied. »